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How do I make money from a website?

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Can I make money online?

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‘Work At Home Reviews’ helps you fill in the gaps between what it takes to make and keep your money. Financial stability is about mindset and not about pay grade or the economy.

Are there any common traits shared by the world’s wealthiest individuals? Some had jobs, some no job stability, some with Ivy League education, some are college dropouts or with severely limited education, and all with varying levels of life-related stresses. Yet, we find prosperous individuals in all the above categories. The difference between those who became wealthy and those who don’t, lie inside the individual.


These following sections address much of those reasons for the differences. I recommend looking at the list below and clicking on the one you are most curious about and start there.


Wealth Abundance Mindset


Which money mindset describes you? Guaranteeing yourself a lack of money or attracting money?

Are you one of those people who can look at a mountain and see much more? It took fourteen years to carve Mount Rushmore in the likeness of four USA presidents (Wikipedia, 2020).


Despite what seemed like chaos, hundreds of workers, long duration, and messy dynamite blasts, the lead architect stayed with the work until done. A miniature replica of the expected result was their constant reminder of where they were going.


Can you look at your life and see money without the current situation distracting you? Many people cannot because of being tuned to stress, worry, fear, or seeing no clear path. When you look through those lenses, the only money you see is the money you owe or the money you need. Unless you have a combination of the right mindset and step-by-step guidance to stay on track, your life will remain financially stressed.


Let’s identify some distractions in your situation, create a new mindset to change your focus and get started on creating your money making business online.


The way you feel about money explains why you have money, your ability to keep money or why you lose it. But how you feel is a choice. Keep in mind that it is your money, your call.


A good starting place to know your current money mindset is to go through the headings in this article and choose one that best answers a curiosity you have about money.  Any section will nudge you to respond accordingly to enhance your financial situation.


Remember, it is your money, your brain. Sometimes people attempt to attract money energy,  or be money conscious; or be a money magnet, and so on. It’s all the same thing. Since many people already believe that prosperity is a reality what’s holding them back?


If you are certain nothing is holding you back and ready to set up a website to make money CLICK HERE for guidance, step by step – how to make money online.


Remember, the goal is not just to get money, but to have that mindset that you are fully deserving of it all. If you have any expectation of wealth, you can create a path to it.



Dream Vision Goals

Moving pass current unsatisfactory financial setback is only a dream if you haven’t yet broken it down into doable goals. A dream will inspire, create a wonderful feeling, and is usually the kick starter for making your money goals real. But, because it is still imaginary, it is continuous, limitless and expansive in thought. This means ten years from now you can still have that same dream, unfulfilled.


A vision is a reality version of the dream where you see the destination or what the accomplishment looks like. But the effort it takes to get there are goals.  Goals are the steps in the money-ladder that makes everything you do toward that vision ultimately create your ideal life.


The step from one point to the other is specific. And just like being on any ladder, you really need to focus or what happens? Exactly. You fall off.


Have you ever had a dream which continued into a week, a month, even decades and which never moved into reality. Dreams are passive. Create a vision. Turn that vision into something visual to remind you of where you are heading, so when uncertainties pop in your life you still have clear next-steps to follow. Get your website started with the dream you have and follow the clear steps given. To find out more, CLICK HERE.


If you identified your goal(s) but you are still struggling, look at the individuals important to you.

Supporters and Dream Killers

Another reason you may not have moved from just dreaming of how your unknown life could be is an inability to recognize the supports and the dream killers. The supports you may recognize right away. But, you may not recognize the dream killers immediately as they are those close to you.


From your standpoint they are advisers, people who care, loving family members, best friend and so on. They may they tell you to ‘get off your high horse’ if they get a sense that you are other than they thought you were.


Perhaps you and they have been through a lot together or have similar backgrounds, but stating your dream sounds like you might take a new direction that may lead away from them. Or, they feel that it might put your focus onto something else.


If your dream is only still a dream, then their reaction to you might be fatal to your dream as they have definitely misunderstood, reacted out of their fear, and you sense their discomfort and blame yourself.


There is no reason to share your dreams before you have time to believe them yourself.

In Fear of Wealth?

If you have tried in the past and failed, if others have failed, or their success was such a phenomenon, or if you are being compared to a successful sibling/parent or other family member, you may fear putting yourself out there.


You may not feel comfortable making money just to make money. Remember Mount Rushmore? The reason they designed it was to bring money to the town by attracting tourists. Money is a way to exchange goods or services and ultimately to enhance our lives.


Benevolent individuals have an acute consciousness for helping to make the place or world better. Yet it is these people who sometimes shun from the thought of being wealthy believing they shouldn’t have more than they need. If you are one of these people, imagine the freedom you will have to do exactly what your heart desires.


You may blame money desires when criticized for exploring unexpected paths. But, try not to do what I did once when I wanted to cut all my hair off (just to get rid of chemicals) and start over. Absolutely everyone said they loved my hair as it was. They all added that they could not see me in a shorter style.


I learned a lesson from this common event. Since I was on the edge of taking a step and had already decided, why even ask those close to me what they think? Before I asked I was unsure and was just looking for a push in the direction. But, after speaking with them, it distressed me trying to back down from the simple, non-harmful impact action I wanted to take.


I walked into a barber shop. That’s what I could have gotten some advice on: Go to a stylist, not a barbershop. My hair ultimately grew back. But I remembered the unchanging me that others had preferred. If a change in hairstyle met with such resistance, then expect that taking a new direction may not get you that wholehearted positive response.


No need to take a poll before deciding on the next best steps to move from money fears into money certainty.  CLICK HERE to build your website in 30 and to learn how to make money online.

Wanting To Be Someone Else

Successful people are authentically themselves.  Make sure you are not trying to be someone else. When you accomplish your money goals and you want to further continue, being authentically you means you know yourself, you are confident in yourself and the next step for you is logical and natural.


You are free to be creative; you know how to follow a passion; and, you know how to follow a path. You can dare to be yourself. You will have developed the inner strength to go farther, which likely doesn’t happen if you mimic someone.


Shadowing or mimicking someone is limiting as you do not know what’s going on in their minds: They have dreams and plans, things in their experiences from which they developed wisdom and draw strength.


They may be outstanding examples to follow or even mentors. But only you can experience your dream, interpret it and know when it is fully realized – not the ‘you’ that may pretend to be someone else.


Gratitude is riches.

Complaint is poverty.

~ Doris Day


Empower Your Life

Know that you are not starting all over again. No, you are not starting over again. You may need to progress financially but you’ll be using your experience as stepping stones in your new determination to empower your financial life.


Making your mistakes meaningful means that you never see yourself as a loser because you always learn: Experience teaches.


You’ll notice that your life experience equipped you with resolve, a perspective, or a stronger need to excel. Perhaps, as an example, you were taking care of others first and now there’s something new you are learning: To love yourself first.


Know that you are the seedling that becomes the tree. Until you are the tree that produces more seeds than you need, you need to help you the most.


That is how you take control of your life. Then expect to see it reflected in financial strength.

Ways to Become Wealthy

The wealth you observe around you were being built long before they became noticeable. Do not expect to blast off like a rocket into a slow glide experiencing passive income with no initial work. It is most often the reverse.


There are an unlimited number of ways to become wealthy. You first learn the proper way to make money, with all the resources available. With persistence your earnings fruition and multiply to that exponential number you never expected.


A very satisfying way to make money is through affiliate marketing due to the ease of working from anywhere (including working from home). My number one recommendation gets you low cost, free initial startup, and training. If you want to make this day count toward your better financial future, Get Started now.

Not Knowing What To Do

Recognize that where you want to go others have gone. With such like-minded people – surround yourself. Like-minded people are those with a similar understanding with whom you often cross paths.


My number one recommended affiliate marketing website is about sharing tips, revealing proven strategies, being success oriented, and making starting a website free and easy. Members have access to all the tools they need to succeed. They interact with and learn from other super successful members. And, since you are who you surround yourself with, you have examples of what your success will look like.


It is easy to enjoy this common understanding –  surround yourself. People who have succeeded are helpful to others whether those are on a similar level of success or just starting or somewhere in between. They save you time by showing you how to avoid pitfalls.


This helpfulness enables you to thrive independently. The community supports you 24/7. You get responses to your questions from the community or from your coach.


This supportive platform keeps you moving toward your goals in that you always know the next steps. You integrate each step with your own goals or use them as guidelines. Knowing your next step keeps you from being distracted by other things competing for your attention.

Unique Vision, Known Path

Recognize that the path to financial goals is being repeated proven by others and that the tools already exist to help you succeed. Test drive the tool to see how well all its features match your needs.


A proven tool only needs your intention fueled by your dreams. With built-in directions on how to convert dreams to goals, it is like a reliable vehicle only needing a driver with a destination in mind. Plug in the destination and it provides a point-by-point map giving you point-by-point turns.


My number one recommended affiliate marketing program makes your test drive fun and you even get free lessons on how to make a passive income at home.  No speed limit here, though. You go at your own pace or the pace of others as they share their milestones and their earning experience. Thousands of niches are available from which to create passive income. Such is the constant reminder that this path works. It is your dream coming alive that will benefit. You just need to maintain a speed comfortable for you on your way to financial freedom.

Taking Action

Is The

Key To Success



Access Online Web Based Training

Following a web-based training program is one of the smartest and easiest way to get your passive income business started and maintained. Accessing the training programs online may be much easier than meeting in a physical location, and these days can be safer.


After you make a website of your own expect to have fun unleashing your creativity making money from the Internet of over 4 billion people. If you have looked around, one thing you quickly realize is that other internet marketing training programs may not take into consideration that you are just starting out possibly without money. Still, they expect you to make immediate payment. Then go a la carte for individual features essential for your website. You almost want to scream, ‘hello, money is an issue.’


As someone who has used other training resources for income generation before Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate gives the most resources and the best value plus makes it easy to test their service with no credit card.  CLICK HERE for a no-credit card free trial and to access online web-based training.


Mount Rushmore.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 2 Apr. 2020,

22 Replies to “My Mood, My Mind, My Money”

  1. Great article and website! I love wealthy affiliate and nothing compares to it! It is the best platform in the world! I have no complaints! Thank you for the honest review! Thank you for writing this great article! Keep up the great work on your website!

  2. That’s an exhaustive list of people who can benefit from WA. Great job. I just want to add that just gathering knowledge or having the right mindset is not enough. Taking action is the key.

    1. Hey Prav,

      You are definitely on point. Taking action is key.

      Yet many people on some level may not believe they are deserving of wealth. They could be struggling indefinitely wondering why money doesn’t stay with them.

      My job is to put light on that or similar mindset so that people first recognize the type of beliefs they have about money as they become active. Because, let’s face it. We are all taking action. If we have ever earned money, we have taken action.

      The mindset will come when they focus on the steps to take and the available guidance as I ensure they go into the right direction.


  3. Hello, I must say that this is a great point you have made for helping visitors to your website who are looking to make and keep their money. Enough information is available on how to succeed online especially through Wealth Affiliate. I love the Pros and Cons part. It shows that for any business to be successful, work is required. Great job.

    1. Hey Joseph,

      Thank you.
      I want people’s efforts to count. The reason they find my website is that previous money-making efforts may not have amounted to much and they are persistent enough to not give up on their money related dreams.

      These are the types of folks that do amazingly well when they find the right steps to follow. And all that is queued up for them here.


  4. Hey,

    This is a very important article. I think a lot of people when they start an online business that they will make money the very next day. However, as you say it is not the case. It is like having a real business but online.

    It took me a while to realise this, and it was difficult to grasp. But, there is no sugar coating this, we need to realise that to make money then we must take action and work hard.

    Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for being real.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom,

      Thank you.

      The work that goes into making money online is the reason why my job is to ensure people have the mindset that attracts and keeps the money. The steps are many and easy enough to follow as they are clear and already queued up to be followed.

      But, many hard working people still don’t have as much as they would like for all their time committed to working so far. My job is to make sure that changes so they see results, results that stays with them.


  5. Really enjoyed this post. I really resonated with your comments about the dream killers and the supporters. This is such an important factor when it comes to success. Get around people who will encourage you and are going where you want to go. Dump the negative people they will hold you back.

    Thanks for the review of wealthy affiliate, I have heard great things about it.

    1. Hey Robb,

      Thank you.
      Yes, there is more to making money. Most everyone have been at it their whole lives.

      Sometimes it does us well to look at the reasons we haven’t been able to either attract money or keep money.

      Anyone can follow the easy steps to making money online but I like to ensure that folks in the long run will be able to hold onto it.


  6. Great article and very refreshing way of looking at life.

    Being positive and empowering your life are certainly major steps in making the move from nothing to money. I like the way you have linked in Wealthy Affiliate into this mindset.

    Certainly my experience of this platform,is the majority of people that use it properly have a similar mindset and a confidence in success.

    Stay Safe!

    1. Hey Lawrence,

      Definitely! My desire is to help anyone busy making money to also keep a good share of it. No money leaks.


  7. You are preaching to the already converted my friend as after many years of wasted money and time on countless affiliate programs I finally found this one that ticked all the boxes for me. This great program has given me the right mindset about making money online. I commend you for providing this excellent article

  8. I completely agree about the way people look at money. Feel even when some are doing well, the idea of bills needing to be paid, taxes, weekly fill-ups at the gas station, gifts among other things can become a distraction even if their total income far exceeds the cost of those expenses.

    When I’m in a situation like that, I keep reminding myself the expenses are temporary and just keep focused on believing the money is coming in at a rapid pace.

    People cannot allow the idea of expenses interfere with the idea of money.

  9. Very thorough and helpful details on what to expect. Great idea of all the different subcategories to identify with. Showing different stumbling blocks that so many of us have. Then educating that success is inevitable with your help along the way. The long list of people on different paths, just shows that anyone can be be successful with the right guidance.

  10. Hi Wjtera,

    Good article. It’s very easy to find the information that you need to set up a business online.

    I’ve written quite a few articles and have done some videos, so affiliate marketing seems like a sensible way to monetize this.

    I’ve seen a couple of different affiliate marketing training programs, what sets this one apart from the others?

    1. Hi Nate,

      You get all the resources you need.  Many affiliate programs around the internet promise some features to support you as you turn your dream into a business or grow your business. But only one affiliate company can provide all of the quality resources you need at a low yearly cost. Others would charge similar price for far less.


  11. Really interesting article. Gratitude is key for sure! I’ve just joined recently too, you’re right, couldn’t recommend the training program enough either!

    1. Hi Sammi,

      Gratitude simply means you dropped those emotions that keep you hidden in a cloud of negativity preventing the things you want finding you. I only wish to see success for others, not the frustration they have been experience in the past when they did’t get the things they worked for. That is my purpose in combining mindset awareness with making money.


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