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Outgrowing ViewPoint Forum? Design Your Own Income Without Limits

Last updated on December 6, 2021

Earning from Viewpoint – a user’s experience.


ViewPoint Forum is one of the survey websites under the supervision of MarketVision Research, a 35-year old company that has provided clients and companies with various ways of doing surveys for market research. MarketVision Research is currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently partnered up with trust rating websites such as the much-accredited company that is BBB (Better Business Bureau). 

ViewPoint Forum is an invite-only survey website where it selects a few candidates and filters each only to match their specific requirements. They do not open their website to other people as it is a very prestigious survey website only available to profile-specific individuals.


Just like any other survey website, you take a survey and you get paid for sharing your opinion. The thing that distinguishes this from other survey websites is that inside it, the website acts more as a forum rather than a survey website for each. That means you take the websites with other members altogether. 

I can also say it is pretty strange for a survey website, but that is how their system works, apparently. When you are selected for their website, you will be sent an email telling you that you are invited to their website and that you may be a potential candidate for doing surveys for them. You are sent a referral link and when you click on it, you will be redirected to a screening survey for profiling each candidate. Once you are done answering that, you will be placed in a certain category in their user profile database and you will be handed out surveys based only on your demographic. 

When you are successfully put into a category, the surveys will come to you via your email. You will earn points for completing surveys on them. They call their currency there “Forum Points”. Of course, each survey website has its own unique way of calling its currencies.



Every website has its advantages and disadvantages. Some have flawed surveys, while others have long cashout deliveries. All of them have their flaws, including this website. On ViewPoint Forum, this would gutter down to ViewPoint Forum’s survey frequency. Surely you are expected to earn here because you were invited, so you won’t be screened out of a survey here anytime soon unless you answer dishonestly. You’ll be kicked out of a survey no matter what part of the survey you’re currently answering. They’ll give you a small reward for participating though as a way of compensating you and letting you know your time is not wasted on their website.

 The only issue is that you will only get two surveys per month. Yes, per month, at best. They don’t give clear information as to why this is one of the standards of their website but it could be a good claim that they want to maintain their surveys in terms of integrity and significance.

There are also forum polls posted on the website, but that won’t bring you any points like how Toluna Influencers does. According to their FAQs page, it is only considered a mode of entertainment for the current members of the website, so it has no significance or effect on your points, whatsoever. It is pretty fun to see some of the polls here, though. They have a wide range of topics and interesting questions from members of the ViewPoint Forum community.


Let me give you a heads up with the rewards here. Honestly, their rewards system is pretty confusing, to begin with. The reason behind this is that their conversion or exchange for cash is quite meticulous.

The current threshold for exchanging points to cash on this website is $20, which is computed in a basic calculator or by hand, and in this case, amounts to 750 points minimum. These are the required points you need in order to exchange for rewards on this website. At the time of this review, the points you can gather from answering surveys here start at 225 points, assuming that the survey is company-standard (meaning it equates the number of points based on complexity and survey duration). A typical survey here would take around 10-20 minutes to finish.

If you were to compute the points, around 225 points, that would be similar to $6 in currency. So that means you’ll need around 4 surveys at most to finish before exchanging for cash on this website.

Also, it takes 2 weeks before the cash is credited to your PayPal account or you can exchange them for gift cards.


ViewPoint Forum has tried to keep its reputation as best as it could but in the end, there were some unprecedented events or issues that caused this website to go down the rankings. Some of the issues were:

  1. Company-invited only members

Back then, people can refer other users to their website, but that was taken down and the only way you can enter this website is by being invited by ViewPoint Forum themselves. This is pretty unrelenting because the bar is set pretty much higher than it used to be, so don’t expect anytime to get invited here.


  1. It has a history of being hacked

Yes, even survey websites get hacked. Crazy, right? Even survey websites have piqued the interest of some scammers and hackers. They were hacked using GPS Spoofing. They have been a victim of it and much of the member’s data were exposed to unwanted parties. Pretty big dent for the survey website, right?

  1. Not many surveys to work with

This can be pretty normal for most survey websites so it is not much of a problem. Just a reminder that survey websites do not make you rich, so don’t expect to earn a lot of cash from them.


There has been a resolved report on BBB about a user saying that he was always getting screened out of surveys even though the initial agreement by the website is that you are entitled to two surveys at least from their website with the right to earn from these surveys. The user was an old member of ViewPoint Forum and was later resolved by ViewPoint Forum.

ViewPoint Forum responded about his concern and explained to BBB thoroughly that this was indicated in their Terms of Service and that every user has to reach the threshold before cashing out.

Working environments don’t generally exist to support you, instead, you are there to support them.  While the population on mass has grown to understand and accept the same, more and more people are and have moved on to create and grow their own financial paths to a secure future.

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Abra Johnson
Abra Johnson

Abra is a veteran of work-from-home jobs from high school through to college and beyond. His goal is to provide a fast-forward vicarious experience of what to expect in exchange for your time in these random online jobs. Such is a sharp contrast to the one-of-a-kind affiliate online marketer which is committed to enabling and empowering its members. They get practical tools, training, mentoring, and a website to nurture the habits needed for unleashing their earning potential.

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  1. View-point forum seem to have a unique business model. And it also seems to be a little confusing.

    If I can’t apply to them to complete surveys, and it seems very unlikely they will have heard of me so are unlikely to approach me, then I literally have no hope of joining them.

    I wonder how successful they are in terms of people they accroach actually joining up?

    • adminadmin

      Hi Andrew,

      Good point and when other companies with a welcoming approach and something worth your attention is already readily available, that’s usually where the wise go.

      “Approachability. Being warm and inviting demonstrates comfort, care, and emotional safety all of which encourages engagement. Your openness says, “I’m happy to meet you and am glad you’re here.”
      ― Susan C. Young,

      Be well, Andrew


  2. View-point forum seem to have a unique business model. And it also seems to be a little confusing.

    If I can’t apply to them to complete surveys, and it seems very unlikely they will have heard of me so are unlikely to approach me, then I literally have no hope of joining them.

    I wonder how successful they are in terms of people they approach actually joining up?

    • adminadmin

      Hi Andrew,

      You are welcome to let us know at what you are hoping for so we can be of service to you.

      Be Well,


      “Be affable.
      Be adaptable.
      Be approachable.
      Be admirable.” — Matshona Dhliwayo

  3. Hi
    This is news for me, however, I really like your vibe & transparency
    Authenticity is scarce and yours is appreciated

    • adminadmin

      Thank you Tania,

      “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” – Shakespeare.

      Be well,

  4. I’m a little surprised that the forum operates on an invite-only model. I very hardly see that in similar platforms and it’s made me think what a regular person could do to get an Invite.

    The two surveys monthly also look a little small considering the time frame required to complete each survey.

    That being said, it looks to be a prestigious platform as stated and might help with the occasional cash every now and then if a forum member can get the hang of it.

    Thank you for this insightful review.

    • adminadmin

      Hi Femi,

      You are welcome and I appreciate that the review helps you to see things about the company that you would not realize until you have already invested your time there. And you are right in noticing the propensity for users to only be rewarded “occasional cash every now and then” a financial option not anywhere near satisfactory for most people. It will surely make you feel as though bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

      I would like to offer you a more pleasant surprise, and it’s the affiliate marketing package including training, coaching, mentoring, tools and so much more where prices are rolled back to pre-inflation cost. With over a million members our business community members have benefited from this locked-in discount. New members find the consideration very welcoming especially since many haven’t yet financially bounced back from the worldwide impact of the last few years. We wish you no out-of-money experience but the best opportunity for financial comfort.

      Be Well,


      “I am having an out-of-money experience.” ~Author Unknown

      “Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.” — Steven Wright

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