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‘Work At Home Reviews’ helps you fill in the gaps between what it takes to make and keep your money. Financial stability is about mindset and not about pay grade or the economy.

Are there any common traits shared by the world’s wealthiest individuals? Some had jobs, some no job stability, some with Ivy League education, some are college dropouts or with severely limited education, and all with varying levels of life-related stresses. Yet, we find prosperous individuals in all the above categories. The difference between those who became wealthy and those who don’t, lie inside the individual.

These following sections address much of those reasons for the differences. I recommend looking at the list below and clicking on the one you are most curious about and start there.


Wealth Abundance Mindset

New Mindset for Success
New Mindset for Success

Which money mindset describes you? Guaranteeing yourself a lack of money or attracting money?

Are you one of those people who can look at a mountain and see much more? It took fourteen years to carve Mount Rushmore in the likeness of four USA presidents (Wikipedia, 2020).

Despite what seemed like chaos, hundreds of workers, long duration, and messy dynamite blasts, the lead architect stayed with the work until done. A miniature replica of the expected result was their constant reminder of where they were going.

Can you look at your life and see money without the current situation distracting you? Many people cannot because of being tuned to stress, worry, fear, or seeing no clear path. When you look through those lenses, the only money you see is the money you owe or the money you need. Unless you have a combination of the right mindset and step-by-step guidance to stay on track, your life will remain financially stressed.

Let’s identify some distractions in your situation, create a new mindset to change your focus and get started on creating your money making business online.

The way you feel about money explains why you have money, your ability to keep money or why you lose it. But how you feel is a choice. Keep in mind that it is your money, your call.

A good starting place to know your current money mindset is to go through the headings in this article and choose one that best answers a curiosity you have about money.  Any section will nudge you to respond accordingly to enhance your financial situation.

Remember, it is your money, your brain. Sometimes people attempt to attract money energy,  or be money conscious; or be a money magnet, and so on. It’s all the same thing. Since many people already believe that prosperity is a reality what’s holding them back?

If you are certain nothing is holding you back and ready to set up a website to make money CLICK HERE for guidance, step by step – how to make money online.

Remember, the goal is not just to get money, but to have that mindset that you are fully deserving of it all. If you have any expectation of wealth, you can create a path to it.



Dream Vision Goals

Moving pass current unsatisfactory financial setback is only a dream if you haven’t yet broken it down into doable goals. A dream will inspire, create a wonderful feeling, and is usually the kick starter for making your money goals real. But, because it is still imaginary, it is continuous, limitless and expansive in thought. This means ten years from now you can still have that same dream, unfulfilled.

A vision is a reality version of the dream where you see the destination or what the accomplishment looks like. But the effort it takes to get there are goals.  Goals are the steps in the money-ladder that makes everything you do toward that vision ultimately create your ideal life.

The step from one point to the other is specific. And just like being on any ladder, you really need to focus or what happens? Exactly. You fall off.

Have you ever had a dream which continued into a week, a month, even decades and which never moved into reality. Dreams are passive. Create a vision. Turn that vision into something visual to remind you of where you are heading, so when uncertainties pop in your life you still have clear next-steps to follow. Get your website started with the dream you have and follow the clear steps given. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

If you identified your goal(s) but you are still struggling, look at the individuals important to you.

Supporters and Dream Killers

Another reason you may not have moved from just dreaming of how your unknown life could be is an inability to recognize the supports and the dream killers. The supports you may recognize right away. But, you may not recognize the dream killers immediately as they are those close to you.

From your standpoint they are advisers, people who care, loving family members, best friend and so on. They may they tell you to ‘get off your high horse’ if they get a sense that you are other than they thought you were.

Perhaps you and they have been through a lot together or have similar backgrounds, but stating your dream sounds like you might take a new direction that may lead away from them. Or, they feel that it might put your focus onto something else.

If your dream is only still a dream, then their reaction to you might be fatal to your dream as they have definitely misunderstood, reacted out of their fear, and you sense their discomfort and blame yourself.

There is no reason to share your dreams before you have time to believe them yourself.

In Fear of Wealth?

If you have tried in the past and failed, if others have failed, or their success was such a phenomenon, or if you are being compared to a successful sibling/parent or other family member, you may fear putting yourself out there.

You may not feel comfortable making money just to make money. Remember Mount Rushmore? The reason they designed it was to bring money to the town by attracting tourists. Money is a way to exchange goods or services and ultimately to enhance our lives.

Benevolent individuals have an acute consciousness for helping to make the place or world better. Yet it is these people who sometimes shun from the thought of being wealthy believing they shouldn’t have more than they need. If you are one of these people, imagine the freedom you will have to do exactly what your heart desires.

You may blame money desires when criticized for exploring unexpected paths. But, try not to do what I did once when I wanted to cut all my hair off (just to get rid of chemicals) and start over. Absolutely everyone said they loved my hair as it was. They all added that they could not see me in a shorter style.

I learned a lesson from this common event. Since I was on the edge of taking a step and had already decided, why even ask those close to me what they think? Before I asked I was unsure and was just looking for a push in the direction. But, after speaking with them, it distressed me trying to back down from the simple, non-harmful impact action I wanted to take.

I walked into a barber shop. That’s what I could have gotten some advice on: Go to a stylist, not a barbershop. My hair ultimately grew back. But I remembered the unchanging me that others had preferred. If a change in hairstyle met with such resistance, then expect that taking a new direction may not get you that wholehearted positive response.

No need to take a poll before deciding on the next best steps to move from money fears into money certainty.  CLICK HERE to build your website in 30 and to learn how to make money online.

Wanting To Be Someone Else

Successful people are authentically themselves.  Make sure you are not trying to be someone else. When you accomplish your money goals and you want to further continue, being authentically you means you know yourself, you are confident in yourself and the next step for you is logical and natural.

You are free to be creative; you know how to follow a passion; and, you know how to follow a path. You can dare to be yourself. You will have developed the inner strength to go farther, which likely doesn’t happen if you mimic someone.

Shadowing or mimicking someone is limiting as you do not know what’s going on in their minds: They have dreams and plans, things in their experiences from which they developed wisdom and draw strength.

They may be outstanding examples to follow or even mentors. But only you can experience your dream, interpret it and know when it is fully realized – not the ‘you’ that may pretend to be someone else.


Gratitude is riches.

Complaint is poverty.

~ Doris Day


Empower Your Life

Know that you are not starting all over again. No, you are not starting over again. You may need to progress financially but you’ll be using your experience as stepping stones in your new determination to empower your financial life.

Making your mistakes meaningful means that you never see yourself as a loser because you always learn: Experience teaches.

You’ll notice that your life experience equipped you with resolve, a perspective, or a stronger need to excel. Perhaps, as an example, you were taking care of others first and now there’s something new you are learning: To love yourself first.

Know that you are the seedling that becomes the tree. Until you are the tree that produces more seeds than you need, you need to help you the most.

That is how you take control of your life. Then expect to see it reflected in financial strength.

Ways to Become Wealthy

The wealth you observe around you were being built long before they became noticeable. Do not expect to blast off like a rocket into a slow glide experiencing passive income with no initial work. It is most often the reverse.

There are an unlimited number of ways to become wealthy. You first learn the proper way to make money, with all the resources available. With persistence your earnings fruition and multiply to that exponential number you never expected.

A very satisfying way to make money is through affiliate marketing due to the ease of working from anywhere (including working from home). My number one recommendation gets you low cost, free initial startup, and training. If you want to make this day count toward your better financial future, Get Started now.

Not Knowing What To Do

Recognize that where you want to go others have gone. With such like-minded people – surround yourself. Like-minded people are those with a similar understanding with whom you often cross paths.

My number one recommended affiliate marketing website is about sharing tips, revealing proven strategies, being success oriented, and making starting a website free and easy. Members have access to all the tools they need to succeed. They interact with and learn from other super successful members. And, since you are who you surround yourself with, you have examples of what your success will look like.

It is easy to enjoy this common understanding –  surround yourself. People who have succeeded are helpful to others whether those are on a similar level of success or just starting or somewhere in between. They save you time by showing you how to avoid pitfalls.

This helpfulness enables you to thrive independently. The community supports you 24/7. You get responses to your questions from the community or from your coach.

This supportive platform keeps you moving toward your goals in that you always know the next steps. You integrate each step with your own goals or use them as guidelines. Knowing your next step keeps you from being distracted by other things competing for your attention.

Unique Vision, Known Path

Recognize that the path to financial goals is being repeated proven by others and that the tools already exist to help you succeed. Test drive the tool to see how well all its features match your needs.

A proven tool only needs your intention fueled by your dreams. With built-in directions on how to convert dreams to goals, it is like a reliable vehicle only needing a driver with a destination in mind. Plug in the destination and it provides a point-by-point map giving you point-by-point turns.

My number one recommended affiliate marketing program makes your test drive fun and you even get free lessons on how to make a passive income at home.  No speed limit here, though. You go at your own pace or the pace of others as they share their milestones and their earning experience. Thousands of niches are available from which to create passive income. Such is the constant reminder that this path works. It is your dream coming alive that will benefit. You just need to maintain a speed comfortable for you on your way to financial freedom.

Taking Action

Is The

Key To Success



Access Online Web Based Training

Following a web-based training program is one of the smartest and easiest way to get your passive income business started and maintained. Accessing the training programs online may be much easier than meeting in a physical location, and these days can be safer.

After you make a website of your own expect to have fun unleashing your creativity making money from the Internet of over 4 billion people. If you have looked around, one thing you quickly realize is that other internet marketing training programs may not take into consideration that you are just starting out possibly without money. Still, they expect you to make immediate payment. Then go a la carte for individual features essential for your website. You almost want to scream, ‘hello, money is an issue.’

As someone who has used other training resources for income generation before Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate gives the most resources and the best value plus makes it easy to test their service with no credit card.  CLICK HERE for a no-credit card free trial and to access online web-based training.


Mount Rushmore.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 2 Apr. 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Rushmore.

Appen Review from a Long-time User

Appen Review

As much as today’s crisis like the Coronavirus is hindering a lot of people from earning from their daily lives, it has become a nuisance that we are not massively supported by the companies we work on and has become harder for most of us to sustain our resources, making us choose to find other opportunities of making income. Much of the opportunities right now are from “work from home” jobs, but not a lot of people are familiar with the online industry. That is why this review will help you attribute your temporary road on making money on the internet. One of the suggested opportunities by the mass is Appen.

Appen is a micro-tasking website and a publicly traded company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and they are under the APX Code. Appen is an outsourcing company that connects various clients and agents by providing projects to agents. 

Appen envisions contributing to technology companies in providing the people a more diverse products that adheres to their preferences.

Appen provides or improves data used for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products. Data types include speech and natural language data, image and video data, text and alphanumeric data and relevance data to improve search and social media engines. 

Appen’s customers use machine learning for a variety of use cases including automatic speech recognition (ASR), computer vision, increasing conversions in eCommerce, delivering more meaningful and personalized advertising, enhancing social media feeds or improving customer service capabilities with tools like chatbots and virtual assistants. (According to Wikipedia)


Ways To Earn Here

Other jobs like Research, Data Entry, and Language Translation explains itself.

There comes a time when there is a special project created for individuals with specific talent sets like Linguistics, Data Science, and Project Management. These positions can be high-paying and can be possible for a full-time position. However, their expectations are very high and the hiring team really picks out only 1-2 successful candidates per project. These projects come once every 6 months or so. I haven’t encountered one myself. Maybe because the positions are filled up so fast that the job post is gone in a few hours.

There are also opportunities for managerial positions in Appen as projects may need a project manager to overlook a specific group of workers and guide those workers into delivering tasks on time. These deliverables need to be passed by the deadline or the tasks will be voided and will not be considered eligible for payment.

Also, some jobs may only require applicants from specific countries, depending on what group of people they are searching for so if you find a position that is based in your country, you should apply to it.

To earn on this website, you need to qualify for their tasks called projects. Projects are a list of tasks assigned to you either daily, weekly, or monthly. Projects range from Data Collection, Research, Language Translation, Data Entry, Transcription and Social Media Evaluation.

Going to the unfamiliar ones, Data Collection requires you to gather up a specific sample or group of people wherein their preferences, hobbies, product buying pattern and etc are collected and monitored for a week/month or year. 

Social Media Evaluation requires you to partake in a Facebook Interests Survey where different types of content from their respective media are presented to you and your task is to evaluate this content according to your preferences. These will determine what type of content you want to be filled up on your timeline or social media profiles.


How long do I need to wait to earn here?

Unlike other micro-tasking websites, you gotta wait every month to earn your money here. They still pay you, though. It depends on the project you qualify for. Most survey projects take you 30 minutes – 1 hour before you can finish all the tasks, and the most difficult one, I believe, would be projects requiring specific skillsets. These are projects that requires management, linguistics, and even fluency on various languages. If you’re up to it, you can earn just as much as a minimum wage worker makes per month.


So it’s a long time… How much effort then?

It doesn’t really take a lot of your effort once you are accepted for a project because they let you work however you want to. You own your time here in Appen. I have been in Project Clover for 10 months now and clearly they are not strict whether you finish your tasks or not. Not because they let you to, but it isn’t a requirement here to give your all. After all, this is a website solely for side income. Then again, your effort depends on the tasks you are given and what type of project you belong to. Projects here range from Search Engine Evaluation, to Language Translation, and then Research, Data Collection, Transcription and Linguistics projects. Opportunities here are more diverse than people thought it would. Not all the jobs here are for everyone, but you are welcome to try.


Compensation for the Projects

When you accomplish the tasks given to you or meet the deadline for your projects, you are then sent an invoice for each job you took this month. These invoices include the project you are currently working on, the type of tasks you accomplished, and the hours you’ve worked. In my own experience, I have worked as a Social Media Evaluator for a project called Clover and they compensate me $4 a month for a survey that I only need to take once a month.

Researchers make about $85 per day. Translators are $3-$6 per hour. Data Collectors make an average of $30 per hour. Social Media Evaluators make $4 a month since this is mostly survey tasks and Linguists make $17-$19 per hour. 

All payments are made on the 1st week of the next month. Say you finished the tasks for April. You will collect your payment on the 1st week of May. The reason is because invoices are generated manually for each agent. Some projects automatically generate an invoice, but they follow the same procedures brought down by Appen so that no one gets their compensation too early or too late.


So are there any…issues?

Glad you asked that. I hate to break it to you but with my own experience, there are several note-worthy issues when it comes to opportunities, payment, and the technical sides of the website. Believe me, this website used to be good. Now, there are several issues here ever since Appen Connect took over the website.

  • Long waiting time before getting accepted for a project

Really, we are not talking about days or weeks. We are talking months before you get accepted for a project here in Appen. In my own experience, I did get qualified for 2 jobs here in Appen because at the time which was a year ago, people were on-demand and they wanted as many people qualified as possible. I was one of those who was accepted and made around $20 in my first 3 months of working in Appen. It is not much, but it was a start.

  • Unresponsive project customer support

It used to be very responsive. The reason why they became so unhelpful with people’s issues was when Appen Connect came into play about projects and their qualifications with their projects. No one bothered to reach out anymore, even me, when I was waiting to be accepted in a translation project. The project was worth $5 per hour and they were looking for candidates that has a minimum educational background of a High School diploma.

  • Your application will not be updated if you are rejected from the project

I once applied for a Filipino translator project that I was really eager to apply to. Once I put in my application details, I sent my application to their hiring team and was told that I was qualified for the project. The only thing I needed to do was to wait for them if there were any upcoming projects. Apparently, I waited 120 days for the project and no one came to reach out to me.

  • Website layout is confusing to new users

You could not determine where to look for when finding a job. They have three ways to let you determine if you are eligible for a project. You can either prompt “Projects that I’m qualified for”, “Projects that I’m not qualified for”, or “All Projects”. The sad thing is that when you are emailed for a project and they tell you to look it up at “All Projects”, the project is not there at all in the first place.

  • Referrals are often untrue with the job they are offering you

When people refer others to their website by offering a simple job (let’s say translator), you are not really given the job you clicked the link for. Sometimes they give you projects with different requirements that do not match the job you were offered in the referral link. Sometimes, the projects you can apply for are not even in line with your expertise. You put in your profile as “No experience” in terms of linguistics, yet you are met with a list of linguistics projects.

  • They really don’t bother with the number of duplicate users on their website

This could be an issue for agents because not only will it mess up their logins, but will also cause them to have projects that are not in line with their expertise.

  • Sometimes you are not given work

Which is one of the main issues of this website because of poor employee management. Most of the time when they accept you in a new project, they would just give out the tasks and collect the results later on. There is no communication between the clients and the agents. To be more specific, you are given only a task when they need you to. They don’t tell you about the plans for the project or the breakdown, even. This possibly means that in worst case scenarios, you may be terminated from the project without notice.

  • Invoicing became very confusing

Back then, their invoice system was much easier because you could withdraw any amount from your account. Now that they have implemented that any invoice should be a minimum of $5 or else it could not be accepted. This is a big frustration for projects that bring out auto-generated invoices as this could not be modified or changed. For example, I am currently in a project called Clover wherein the project details are taking a Facebook Interests survey for 30 minutes and getting paid $2 per month. The issue is that their invoicing is auto-generated, thus you cannot manually add your tasks and rates on a blank invoice, therefore delaying you of your payment until customer support reaches out to your issue.

So yeah, a lot of issues. But it doesn’t mean that this is not legit. We can say that we have ups and downs when it comes to money-making websites. All have their own flaws. It comes from my own experience with the website as I used to use this website for paying my school expenses and a little bit for my own without being dependent on a lot of people around me.


My experience?

It was promising to see that Appen had a proper standing for some users as they provide micro tasks that are easy to accomplish. This gives a warm assurance that the agent can be fully compensated as long as they have done the task accordingly, Appen will not let their payments be delayed. Back a year ago, clients and agents were very communicative. The proposed plans and deliverables by the project manager were properly handed down and given accordingly to each agent. All the tasks and agents were kept in check, and customer support were very friendly with their agents.

Honestly, I stopped using Appen for a year because I found a better job. I used to make money on this website by being a part of a project called Clover. The hiring manager was responsive with my inquiries regarding the job position and the job was practically easy. Like other microtask websites, they don’t need you to pay for applying to projects unlike Fiverr and Upwork.

That was a year ago when I became inactive in August 2019, apparently. Right now, it’s not how it used to be. Appen was strikingly good for people looking for extra income as it gives various tasks easy enough that even a work from home mother can finish.  Over the past few months, projects have been declining and there’s not much to take except the jobs that require you to have a degree

in Linguistics to qualify for. It would also make sense that not many people desire to spend their time waiting so if you are willing to apply for a job here in Appen, you might as well go to other websites while waiting for your qualification to pass because it really takes a long time before you are even considered for a small project.



It is a bit unnerving to see people complaining about how their management is bad, or how unresponsive their customer support is. I can’t blame them for it because they just want to make money, too. However, this is what the people say about the website now. The earliest complaint this website had was from December 2019, right around when Appen Connect took over the website.

Better Business Bureau

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Status: Resolved
Appen Connect project Dayton; you had to record videos of yourself and up load them. $250 incentive. I did all of the work as requested, but their app would not upload. Constantly turned off. When reactivated, the app would say that all videos were uploaded. I tried to contact their support team, but they took a week to get back, to say that it didn’t work, and to try again (and keep the app on in the background). When I reached out again because it continued to not work, it was another week before a reply, and I was told that it was too late for the project and nothing could be done. When I escalated again through their support, they replied that they could confirm it didn’t work, and it was too late to do anything (also 5 days later).


Better Business Bureau, Inc.

Subject:  Response Letter – Complaint

In response to the letter received by our office on December 27, 2019 referencing complaint ID: ********, we would like the opportunity to close this complaint. While we are understanding of the time and effort put forth by those that we consider, we have a clear qualifications process in place for all projects that is necessary for acceptance.  This is a universal process and we strive to address nay issues vendors may have in a timely fashion.  Please assist in closing this matter. If you need anything further, please let us know.

Customer Response


I am rejecting this response because:

With all due respect, none of what the business stated was shown during this process.

Ms K**** states there were clear qualifications, which I met, as I did all of the required work for their study.  The point of failure came from their software, which did not upload the information in a timely fashion, displayed confirmation messages that all files had been uploaded, and did perform as advertised.
Ms K**** states that they strive to address issues in a timely fashion, which also did not occur.  I reached out during the allotted time frame, less than 24 hours after I completed (but apparently, could not submit) the assignment, and tried to confirm my submissions.  Appen support was anything but timely, and did not reply for a week, after which there was no time to remedy the situation.  When I attempted to follow their support team’s instructions to submit the files, I was unable to follow their instructions because the study was already closed.  When I reached out again, it took an additional five days to receive communication again.
Every failure along the process involves Appen.  Their software did not work.  Even their own support teams stated that the app should have been uploading in the background with no additional effort from me, which it clearly did not do.  Their service teams did not address anything in a timely fashion.
I cannot accept this response, as I cannot allow a company to suggest that this is a proper method of doing business, to blame the customer for their shortcomings.


February 24, 2020

Dear *****,In response to the letter received by our office on February 24, 2020 referencing compliant ID: ********, we would like the opportunity to close this complaint.

We’ve been in contact with this vendor and have agree to pay in FULL for all work completed after our investigation. Payment was issued in FULL on February 20, 2020.

Please assist in closing this matter. If you need anything further, please let us know.

Customer Response


Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ********, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



Apr 7, 2020

Not sure what the point of Appen is to…

Not sure what the point of Appen is to be honest, except being a massive waste of time. Don’t even bother. I created an account and applied for a few of the jobs that were available. I heard nothing for about two months then finally received an email asking me to qualify for a particular job.

I spent just under an hour taking the exam, passed, and then had an email come through telling me I had been accepted. Great! Time goes by, the job is sitting in my qualified projects but I can’t work it. Apparently I have to wait for another email with a link to start the project. Nothing happens.

Three weeks later I get an email saying thanks for your time, but the project is now full. Apparently I’m off the project even though I qualified and was accepted. I send a message through their ticketing system to get clarification and not surprisingly I get zero response. To add insult to injury, they then start sending me emails every week explaining that the same job is open, but for people with a different accent.

Why would I want to waste my time trying to qualify again for something I already qualified for, for an accent that doesn’t apply to me?

Then out of the blue, I get another email saying I had been accepted on to a different project. Again, I can’t work the job because I have to be emailed a link to access it. It’s been almost three weeks and no link. They say that if you don’t receive a link that you should contact them explaining the situation. So I went on to the internal messaging system, sent another ticket and, you guessed it, zero response.

I have no idea what you are supposed to do here. Nobody responds to your messages. Jobs don’t work. It’s utterly pointless. They clearly don’t care, and neither should you.

Don’t waste your time.

Here are other reviews from Job Posting websites like Indeed and Glassdoor:https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Appen-Reviews-E667913.htmhttps://www.indeed.com.ph/cmp/Appen/reviewsFINAL OPINION

As far as it goes, Appen used to adhere to their workers and provide them a working environment suitable for healthy relationships between clients and agents. This used to be the case. Everything was managed properly and Appen contributes accordingly to this so that everything goes smoothly.

As of now, only people who have stayed long enough with their clients have the proper work environment. Most of the new applicants are no longer properly supported by customer support or by Appen. Most of the projects are not accepting candidates like back then. A year ago, the clients were thirsty for  agents and was doing all sorts of marketing and outreach to get their goal. Now, as long as you deliver the job, they don’t really speak to you ever. Even customer support is silent. This used to be a good website for earning money, but if you don’t have a long-term contract here, you’re rather not entertained by a lot of clients here.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Lots of opportunities for earning

PRO #2: Simple tasks for people looking for side income

PRO #3: Easy to register


The Bad:

CON #1: Website is now poorly managed and does not prioritize relationships with workers

CON #2: Hard to qualify for a project

CON #3: Unresponsive customer support

CON #4: Invoice system is confusing


BBB, December 17, 2019, trustpilot.com/review/appen.com
Matthew, Trustpilot, April 7, 2020, bbb.org/us/wa/kirkland/profile/information-technology-services/appen-1296-1000053526/complaints

Get Your IRS Covid-19 Stimulus Check

IRS Covid-19 stimulus check
IRS stimulus check

The IRS Has You Covered During Covid-19 Pandemic

Here is how to get your stimulus check from the IRS.

Check distribution starts this month of April, which traditionally has been income tax deadline. But that has been pushed out to July 2020. Instead, due to Covid-19 pandemic the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are sending you checks.

The good thing is you just need to wait for it if you haven’t yet received it. There is nothing for you to do, unless you have changed banks recently, or you haven’t filed income tax since year 2017. Read further to hear what to do.

Most Are Eligible for the Covid Stimulus Checks With Some Exceptions

Here is what to expect:

  • Individuals get up to $1,200.oo
  • Married couples get up to $2,400.00 and up to $500.00 for each qualifying child.
  • Eligible railroad retirees and social security recipients don’t have to file a tax return to receive the stimulus check.
  • Individuals with adjusted income up to $75,000 and married couples filling joint returns up to $150,000 get full payment. But, above that expect a reduction of $5 for every $100 above those amounts.

Not Eligible are:

  • Individuals with income exceeding $99,000
  • Joint filers with no children income exceeding $198,000
  • Individuals listed as dependents on someone else’s tax return

Where Will the IRS Send Your Check?

During this Coronavirus pandemic, expect your check to be automatically deposited in the account you have on your most recent tax income return provided you did file for years 2018 and 2019.

  • If you haven’t yet filed you still can do so but the sooner the better.
  • If you have changed banks during that time contact the bank to temporarily reopen your account.
  • If the IRS doesn’t have your direct deposit information they plan to provide a website link where you can input your information to immediately receive payments. Just be sure at that time that you are already on the IRS website so that you are not tricked by scammers’ Plishing tactics. Feel free to check back here in the reference section below for the IRS link.
  • Expect the check to be mailed to you if you don’t want to submit your information online.

SSA-1099 and RRB-1099 Forms

If you are not required to file tax returns then your SSA-1099 form or RRB-1099 form are used to generate your Covid-19 stimulus payment. This goes for any eligible recipients including social security recipients, railroad retirees and senior citizens.

Since you don’t file taxes the IRS won’t have any information about possible dependents so do expect to receive just the $1,200 per individual.

Will You Miss Out If you Cannot File Right Away?

No, you will still have the rest of year 2020 to receive the stimulus check. That will give time for churches, community centers, tax professionals and other organizations to assist those who need help with filing their income taxes.

Escape Any Financial Related Pandemic In Future

This coronavirus upheaval has been a wake up call for anyone who needs money to participate in the economy and that is most likely 100% of the world. Even in these times we are glad to get money from the government, for those who are qualified.

For those who are not, it’s either because you are off the grid or have earnings beyond a certain threshold. Either way, you are informed what you can receive and not receive with which you may or may not agree.

For many reasons coming out of this experience, many people will decide to control their own financial destinies instead of waiting like part of shell shocked herd. Dependency on someone else happens. But, it doesn’t need to be the normal way to get out of a bad situation next time. When the dependency is on an individual, a government or a business it is a stressful uncertainty when you don’t know quite what to expect.

Take Control of Your Finances

Don’t be the part of the population that gets left behind as the virus is ultimately contained and we get moving again. Make a change. Start with creating your own online business.

The resources available to you now to make your dreams a reality makes it near ridiculous not to step into that direction. Remove limits from the amount of money you can receive and create your own long-term sustainable passive income. Here is my No. 1 recommendation and all the reasons why.






Fiverr Work From Home Review

Fiverr Review

If you are wanting to work from home and you have specific skills to offer, Fiverr may be a place to sell it. On Fiverr you are either a business hiring or you are a seller. As a seller you already know that location location location matters in the physical brick and mortar world. 

Such is the same for the online marketplace. Sellers which include seasonal workers, freelancers, and others providing temporary services rely on the venue’s solid reputation to attract the immense numbers of buyers needing their temporary services. 

Sellers are also troubled by anything that would negatively impact buyer confidence. Nearly a thousand Fiverr users scored below average in all key areas of the customer-buyer relationship including, services, value, shipping, return and quality (Fiverr, 2020).

Still Fiverr boasts of an active buyer-seller market claiming that a gig is bought every 4 seconds, 50M+ transactions have taken place and gig prices range from $5 – $10,000. Unfortunately these numbers don’t convey the actual experiences of buyers and sellers. 

Who is this Fiverr For?

Micha Kaufman, founder and CEO created Fiver for listing temporary work positions. It’s freelancers work from home, office or anywhere. Young adults dominate the Fiverr marketplace. Sellers age 55 to 64 represents just 2% which may increase and remain even after a coronavirus cure is found.People with traditional forms of work now see working online as a viable alternative for making a living from home.

Fiverr is suitable for individuals or businesses with specific skills that they can package and market. They cannot just list their skills as they need to win the competition to catch the buyer’s attention.  It is the equivalent of going into a busy marketplace with everyone having an eye-catching basket of goods. It dazzles – the colors, the images and descriptions all vying for attention. And in Fiverr all the higher ranking sellers showcase on the top search results pages making the 5-star (or closer) moot. 

Control Over the Value of Your Product?

Very active sellers have a 5-point rating and those fill the first pages of the categories. Services include anything that is legal and offered under the 200 plus categories. The top selling services are video creation and other digital products.

The cornucopia of over 200+ categories means you need to offer a specific service. Even if you consider yourself a jack of all trades. You would likely need to individually list those services to show up in specific search results.

Due to Fiverr’s $5 base price and the diverse marketplace of sellers from across the world, someone switching from their traditional job may find their income drops. Yes, their income may drop though doing the same task they did in the brick and mortar. This due to the immensely vast and competitive marketplace.  

Can You Thrive at Fiverr?

It will take more than your five star rating and your well described expertise to thrive in this marketplace. It will also depend on your peers around the world.

BBB complaints show buyer dissatisfaction with the services received. And, Amazon, back in November 2015 started a lawsuit to crack down on Fiverr sellers who were using fake reviews to sell their products (Wikipedia, 2020). 

The last thing any marketplace wants to foster is any unethical behavior. Bad reviews may not entirely scare away buyers as it is not unusual for businesses to have complaints which they generally work to resolve. But, the buyer’s fear of being deceived may contribute to uncertainty as to whether they are getting the best service and ultimately end up in disputes, chargebacks or refund requests.  This following complaint to the BBB is typical of many more.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Resolved


They are authorizing a great number of “sellers” from Pakistan which try to fleece you out of money, request your personal information, and even ask to allow remote access to your system. On top of this, when the services/goods aren’t delivered they give you a bunch of *** excuses why they wont refund you while protecting the scam artists. Instead of refunding me for services/product not received they keep giving excuses and protecting some scam artist. On top of it, the person who was suppose to assist in facilitating my refund and protecting my interests was 100% incompetent.

Customer Response


Better Business Bureau:


I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ********, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

I have been refunded my money and had to change all of my security data involving the incident.




Live Feel to the Video Introduction

The brief video introduction and other video guides to each section adds a personal feel to the website. The viewer is informed that their talent and expertise can allow them to live the life of a successful freelancer. The emphasis is on having a high level seller presence after learning to convert customers, crafting their service description to experience a growing income. 

200+ categories of services is supposed to give you an idea what service to offer but also gives you an idea of the competition and why the course focuses on selling skills.

Navigation Could Be Enhanced


Green ‘continue’ tabs at the bottom of the page provide direction to keep you moving to the next screen. Lots of white space with one-dimensional icons representing a clickable section and give a crisp appearance. 


Since you can be either or both a buyer or seller, there’s a link in the top right allowing you to ‘switch to Buying’ or ‘switch to selling’ depending on the mode you are currently in.


Should you click through to the list of about 16 brief training headings and attempt to later return, there appears to be no short-cut or pathway back. Even if you once again click the ‘Become A Seller’ from the top navigating menu at the top of the page; then click the Get Started Link at the bottom of the next page. However, you never find that list again though you know you could if you persist and enjoy this little maze of getting back to the course list. 




What you instead run into repeatedly are the links at the top right, or the ‘Learn from Fiverr’ dropdown link at top left of the screen. These links however, lead you to other sellers course offerings. 


You see the first free course which was an introduction from Fiverr’s education manager. But all the other courses are from the marketplace and still no link to return to the original list courses which were part of the Fiverr onboarding experience.



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Short introduction videos to some sections pointing to what’s next, such as ‘creating your seller profile’ section

PRO #2 Picturesque presentation of the Seller descriptions

PRO #3 Affiliate program 


The Bad:

CON #1 50M+ transactions is mentioned. It would be useful also to also mention the number of chargebacks or refunds as such is also important to a seller.

CON #2 No noticeable information about the market size or the traffic conversion 

CON #3 New Sellers appear to have no visibility



There are no subscription fees. You leave 20% of  each transaction with Fiverr. The rest of your earnings, 80% would have been prepaid by your buyer. The money is then transferred to your account and released when the customer is satisfied.

Tools & Training

Fiverr website provides about 16 training links to get you up to speed on how Fiverr expects to develop you into a strong seller.

Help and Support

The navigation section at the end of the screen has a support tab that gets you to a webform.  This will become your trackable support ticket for following up on the particular issue you are reporting. Additionally, a ‘support’ tab in the lower right corner of the screen opens a pop in which you can type a message. “Thanks for reaching out. Someone will get back to you soon.” Apparently no real time communication is available.

Pay or typical earnings

The pay you get is what you charge for your gig less 20% which Fiverr keeps. The money initially stays in your Fiverr seller account 14 days after the order is marked completed.  If there are no issues with the customer then you transfer the amount to your Paypal, Fiverr revenue card, bank transfer or direct deposit which is available to USA residents only. You can convert to any of these currencies: USD ($), Euro (€), British Pound (£), Australian Dollar (A$), Canadian Dollar (C$), and Israeli Shekel (₪).

Did you Win the Battle of Being Able to Stand Out?

Setting up your seller account and populating it with all the content needed for showcasing your services is very routine. Guidance is provided.. Because you are presented with just one screen at a time of course (and not a bird’s eye view as in the brick and mortar marketplace), you don’t get a sense of the vast marketplace until you spend a quick minute going through the categories and drilling down to the sublevels. 

The orderly layout of visual seller description with much white or silent space takes from the reality of the back and forth communication which may be happening through internal messaging between the participants. You may not immediately see what you are getting into.

Unless you have other promotion activities to drive customers to your services on Fiverr it appears you just set up shop and wait for a buyer to find you. We know that doesn’t work so much in the real world anymore unless you are a supermarket selling hundreds of different items. But you likely are only selling one and the challenge is to be found by your prospective buyer who doesn’t get sidetracked with all the other offers around you.

Can Fiverr Allow You Unlimited Earnings?

As a temporary services business model, Fiverr helps you to be ‘pretty’ and  to sell. The company can also look at fixing the above mentioned issues that are causing buyer grief. But, only you can exchange your services for dollars. And how about your future. Nowhere in this business model is there consideration for passive income. Passive income is what’s generated when you put a system in place to give you a break from the constant activities of exchanging most of your living hours for dollars. Your role switches to nurturing your money as it predictably accumulates.

Even if you are simply looking for temporary income, the path from signing up for your virtual market stall to getting your first gig and presuming a smooth transaction, at least earned some money. If the money only takes care of your current needs which is how the majority of the world lives, then you could do better by investing your effort in not only something that will pay you as you work but be churning out your financial sustenance long after you leave the larger part of the work activity behind. Check out my No. 1 recommendation for making all your effort count not just for now but for your future.





“Fiverr.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 29 Mar. 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiverr.

“Fivver Reviews – 1.8 Stars.” Sitejabber, www.sitejabber.com/reviews/fiverr.com.

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Jaaxy manages all aspects of my keyword, website, competition, and market research

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Growing a successful business is work and fun and profitable. Expect after the Entrepreneur Certification training to feel more certain of your next steps,  more relaxed about moving forward , and confident that your efforts will bring you the financial reward you signed up for.

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It’s possible that you don’t need another class on your way to having a very profitable website, but if you do, you can count on main weekly classes with new topics every week.  You also have access to hundreds of hours of past classes which are still very much relevant.

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Online 24/7 Fast Technical Support
Online 24/7 Fast Technical Support

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Contribute and benefit from the community.
Contribute and benefit from the community.

You are instantly a part of 194 plus countries represented in our affiliates. Yet you are able to connect with fellow affiliates locally or globally.

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Updates to Ramp Up Your Resolves

Business growth bar graph
Business growth bar graph

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Refine the practices that work and curtail those that don’t. Success isn’t overnight it’s continuous execution of rewarding habits.

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Celebrating Affiliate Marketing Success

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Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

I appreciate the one-stop shop, affordable price and all the other features thrown in that enables me to be financially successful and to continue launching new ventures. Still, there are other things I have to look out for so that I retain focus on my goals. I listed those pros and cons below. First, the pros:

  1. The hosting platform is industry leading in terms of speed, security, and reliability…all critical factors to running a successful online business 
  2. The most comprehensive, technologically advanced platform in the Internet business industry
  3. Absolutely the most affordable comprehensive service in the website development space
  4. You can catch weekly real time training and other mini training in between
  5. I appreciate the support from other members who are farther along sharing their tips to success and their methods for overcoming unwanted habits, setbacks, etc.
  6. If I still have questions, I can do a quick search, I can PM my coach or live chat, but rarely need to as they tend to reach out to me first like signposts on a highway.
  7. Your support is acknowledged by a ranking system in case you are the type that loves to help others
  8. No time wasted dreaming, I’m shown the real steps to move my business idea forward
  9. When you have consistent traffic flowing to your website, that turns into sales and multiplies going forward. Some entrepreneurs move onto building up their other free websites when this happens.
  10. You are always seeing tips from other Wealthy Affiliate members which will save you time on your own journey
  11. Domain contact details are protected at no extra charge
  12. Among the the dozens of features included is a Mobile complaint theme since a lot of people use their smartphones instead of computer; fast loading site; and, SSL (Https) so that your prospective clients know the site is secure
  13. No a la carte. Its more like a buffet: You get everything you need all inclusive as you may be competing with established companies. Wealthy Affiliate ensures you have an equal playing field.
  14. You don’t need to wait long to publish or transfer over your content (especially if you have pre-existing content) as your website is created in 30 seconds.
  15. Online business university or academy training that takes you from the baby steps all the way through to the finishing steps to create passive income
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Wealthy Affiliate cons:

  1. You can easily get sidetracked reading the many contributions by the community as they are inspiring and provide good experiential advise. But, at some point you need to get back to work
  2. To make money fast online now, you have to put in the effort to ultimately be able to make money fast and easy in the future
  3. The website is supposed to be created in 30 seconds. Yes it is and you can even publish a pre-written document immediately. But, keep in mind you will spend time creating, proofreading and inputting your content. Even though templates speed it up, you don’t feel done until you can press the ‘publish’ button.

For Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone wanting to make money online:

  •  College students for example. Or they want to know how to make money online as a university student and are ready to review available online side jobs.
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  • People who got a temporary layoff letter and ready to control their financial destiny
  • Laid off employees tired of career uncertainty
  • Those researching how to file for unemployment benefits, or about to file unemployment benefits
  • Those finding that even the maximum unemployment benefits are insufficient
  • Those requesting extension of unemployment benefits
  • Some already applying for unemployment benefits, or requesting extended unemployment benefits
  • Families or patients looking for financial help – hospital bills due
  • Someone with outstanding hospital/medical bill
  • Anyone trying to find low income apartments
  • Low income households looking for low income based apartments or low income houses – rent more bearable
  • People in high salary jobs looking to build wealth, or for a step down plan
  • People finding that their talent is not enough to keep up with their expenses
  • People realizing about minimum wage – not enough
  • People fed up with the federal minimum wage rate, and who have given up on minimum wage laws changing in time to benefit them
  • Those looking at how to make a passive income from home, passive income online, or to start a passive income business
  • Those looking for residual income at home; to earn residual income online; to get into residual income investments; to find sources of residual income or to set up a residual income business opportunity for making residual income
  • Those retirees facing limitation in baby boomer retirement activities due to financial constraints
  • Also, where are baby boomers retiring to and is their baby boomer retirement savings sufficient for long term sustenance in certain baby boomers retirement communities?
  • Based on baby boomers retiring statistics baby boomers retirement planning may not be adequate for longer life expectancy
  • Older workers not wanting to fight ageism stereotypes and are seeking companies that hire older workers
  • Older workers who are considering returnship opportunities, sifting through returnships, jobs, or employment agencies to find the best jobs
  • Older workers sharing job search tips; older workers looking for employment assistance;
  • Older workers seeking online job opportunities from companies that in addition to hiring older workers for their older worker programs will also be training older workers looking to contribute experience and wisdom
  • Caregivers searching for caregiver financial assistance, family caregiver grants, caregivers home care or just asking ‘do caregivers get paid?’
  • People getting cash advance – no credit checks
  • People getting cash advance loans – no credit check
  • Those planning to borrow against their pay and checking a cash advance calculator for what to expect with payday cash advances and cash advance loans online
  • People reviewing all their financials – needed business plan
  • The individual who is saying ‘I need financial hep now’ and still willing to start the necessary steps for how to get out of financial debt
  • Without-borders families and individuals looking for how to work from anywhere in the world
  • If you are wanting the freedom to work from anywhere and looking for jobs that allow you to work anywhere
  • The well-traveled collector looking for online jobs to work anywhere
  • Vacationers in the process of reassessing their financial needs
  • Home owners looking for the fastest way to pay of mortgage; or investors looking for the best way to pay off a mortgage early
  • People looking for bad credit debt consolidation loans or best debt consolidation companies and need an alternate way – make additional income
  • People who have listed their foreclosed home for sale and looking for financial recovery services for a new start
  • Fed up workers who are saying, ‘I hate my job’, ‘I hate my boss’, even ‘I really hate my job’ and asking ‘should I leave my job’ who want better control of what they do, how they use their time and how they are compensated
  • Those who already quit a job
  • If you are quitting a job you hate
  • If you want to know how to properly quit your job
  • If you already quit your job without another job
  • Fed up employees who are fed up working low wages, wanting new skill ideas and are willing – learn new skills
  • Unskilled laborer looking for jobs – unskilled workers
  • People including union office workers looking for other office worker jobs and information about the type of office workers’ compensation available
  • People who are hoping to cheat the lottery, dreaming of winning the lottery or even those who have won the lottery and lost it all
  • People researching computer jobs in demand for specific stay at home computer jobs including entry level computer jobs, freelance computer jobs, and any other computer job
  • People looking for computer programming; beginners computer programming tutorial; computer programming job; computer programming basics; computer programming training and many other online computer programming training courses to increase future employment prospects or best self employment options
  • People looking to make money online – eBays sellers, Etsy selling
  • People willing to do online survey work, online – surveys, online – survey jobs,  online – surveys for money, or make money – online surveys
  • People waiting to get back to work as they watch the coronavirus last updates
  • Travelers watching the coronavirus latest news updates, also referred to as Covid 19 update news
  • Casualties of companies going out of business
  • People from large companies that have failed, even some successful companies that have failed too. These people may be looking for products from these big companies that have failed
  • Employees expecting take over of company ownership
  • Increase in female life expectancy, and also life expectancy in males
  • Those looking for affiliate marketing secrets
  • Successful people sharing affiliate marketing secrets
  • Those in back to work programs
  • Entrepreneurs returning online to create  long term sustainable business performance through affiliate marketing

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