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Last updated on December 6, 2021

Build My Website in 34 Seconds. Free Trial. No credit card needed.

Zero Risk and Free Starter:

♦ $0/month, first 7 days, no credit card needed, get started

♦ 10+ lessons, 50 training modules, and video walk-through

♦ additional features

♦ Live 24/7 help

Premium at a Bargain:

♦ $49/month, Unlimited access, get started

♦ 50+ lessons, 1,000+ training modules, and video walk-through

♦ additional unlimited features

♦ unlimited 24/7 help


Unlimited Training and Development with Cutting Edge Technology

One affiliate team gets you all the resources you need.  Many affiliate SEO training and more.programs around the internet promise some features to support you as you turn your dream into a business or grow your business. But only one affiliate company can provide all the quality resources you need at a low yearly cost. Other companies would charge much more for less.

For 15 years the owners have worked with and are present with their affiliates. They provide resources and create solutions from feedback that benefit affiliates. So critical to business growth that this kind of dedication has led to the constant evolution of the best comprehensive collection of technology tools and services. These customized resources continue to support the success of internet marketers of all levels.

You get a feel for the leading-edge technology. Responsive tools, training, and other resources that you find here cannot be collectively found anywhere else.  The first thing you notice is the reasonable price that will unlock the entire affiliate resources to you.

Your Website Created in 30 Seconds

No website building just develop your ideas
No website building just develop your ideas

♦ Build your website. Your business website is created in 30 seconds allowing you to focus on building your brand.

♦ Do anything you want to do on your website, using WordPress.

♦ you get seven free days to go through the initial step-by-step training to start your money-making activities

♦ Your dashboard or center from where you run your website displays the major links you need to access your resources. 

Instant Help and Coaching

♦ The affiliate programs platform gives you 10,000+ affiliates you could pick from for your best income potential

♦ The Research platform lets you “instantly research keywords, find domains, uncover niches, brainstorm ideas, and analyze your websites.”

♦ You “get instant help and coaching. Jump into a live chat and interact in actual time with fellow aspiring and successful internet entrepreneurs.”

♦ Live Events gets you “education directly from industry experts.” Take part in live online classes and take your knowledge to new heights!”

♦ The 24/7 Help Center means you “never get stuck again. Post community questions, website/hosting support, ask your personal coach for help, or jump in a live chat.”

Never Get Stuck Again

Never get stuck again. Get step-by-step instructions.
Never get stuck again. Get step-by-step instructions.

After the seven days of test-driving Wealthy Affiliate, you get the next month deeply discounted from $49 to $19. You now have full access to the weekly premium training, the powerful Jaaxy keyword tool, and much more.

A yearly premium subscription of $459 is the best option for saving money on a monthly subscription while having everything you need to progress.  Start Your Risk Free Trial

Access These Industry-Leading Features!

Learn and work from anywhere.
Learn and work from anywhere.

You will have an option to go premium, which is a sign that you are ready to transform your ideas into profit.  It opens all these following premium resources up to you:

Unlimited Revenue Resources

You have nearly 600 MILLION products/services from which to select and promote on your website without inventory, shipping or any needed support from your side.

Solid Platform for Your Business

Feel confident working with a stable company that has had 15 years in business and leading the affiliate industry.

JAAXY – Your Best Friend, and Others

Jaaxy manages all aspects of my keyword, website, competition, and market research
Jaaxy manages all aspects of my keyword, website, competition, and market research

Use Jaaxy, the world’s most advanced insightful keyword search tool to find keywords and phrases, check out your competition, monitor and track your Google rankings, and much more.

Traffic – Get Your Share

Gain traffic from the over four billion people on the internet with the most proven practices. Knowledge is power. See how SEO and Google rankings create pathways to your website by sending customers to you.

Industry Leading Affiliate Marketing Education

Get ongoing leading-edge education as you need it and when you need it. Take part in weekly live training with a question-and-answer session. Between the main training, other training via videos are available 24/7.

Online Entrepreneur Certification training

Growing a successful business is work and fun and profitable. Expect after the Entrepreneur Certification training to feel more certain of your next steps,  more relaxed and confident that your efforts will bring you the financial reward you signed up for.

You May Not Need Another Class

It’s possible that you don’t need another class on your way to having a very profitable website, but if you do, you can count on main weekly classes with new topics every week.  You also have access to hundreds of hours of past classes, which are still very relevant.

Technical Support 24/7

Online 24/7 Fast Technical Support
Online 24/7 Fast Technical Support

All that’s needed to say here is simply to assume excellent technical help. That doesn’t sound appreciative of the technical experts responding to you. But, technical support is very much in the DNA of a superior affiliate company that if you ever need help, the next thing you’ll be saying is ‘that was fast!’

Have a domain to transfer to Wealthy Affiliate? Tech support makes it easy. And, your purchased domain already includes the private registration at no extra cost.

Does It Really Take a Village?

This is one place where you are not stuck with coaching from just one individual. Community coaching means you have answers 24/7, different perspectives to draw from, emulate your emerging best practices from various and successful affiliates, validate your profit-making experiences and you still have your own coach.

Global Reach with a Local Feel

Contribute and benefit from the community.
Contribute and benefit from the community.

You are instantly a part of 194 plus countries represented in our affiliates. Yet you can connect with fellow affiliates anytime. Communicate with owners, experts, new and advanced members locally or globally.

Mingle with and get coaching from some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the world including over 1,800 expert coaches.

Updates to Ramp Up Your Resolves

Business growth bar graph
Every step moves you forward

View volunteered updates from members as they continue to map out and create their dreams. Look at their earnings based on their website-related activities. Check your activities against their tips. Share what’s working for you to supercharge for maximum success as an affiliate marketer.

Refine the practices that work and curtail those that don’t. Success isn’t overnight despite the monumental success of some of your peers. Success is a continuous execution of rewarding habits.

Celebrate Every Success

Celebrating Affiliate Marketing Success

Replacing your day job with your affiliate marketing income? Here is solid help for investing in yourself as you become powerful with increased skills, knowledge, and affiliate marketing experience.

Get started. Build My website.



Your Starter or Premium Options


Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

I appreciate the one-stop-shop, affordable price and all the other features thrown in that enable me to be financially successful and to continue launching new ventures. Still, there are other things I have to look out for so that I retain focus on my goals. I listed those pros and cons below. First, the pros:

  1. The hosting platform is industry-leading in terms of speed, security, and reliability…all critical factors to running a successful online business 
  2. The most comprehensive, technologically advanced platform in the Internet business industry
  3. Absolutely the most affordable comprehensive service in the website development space
  4. You can catch weekly real-time training and other mini-training in between
  5. I appreciate the support from other members who are farther along sharing their tips to success and their methods for overcoming unwanted habits, setbacks, etc.
  6. If I still have questions, I can do a quick search, I can PM my coach or live chat, but rarely need to as they tend to reach out to me first like signposts on a highway.
  7. Your support is acknowledged by a ranking system in case you are the type that loves to help others
  8. No time wasted dreaming, I’m shown the real steps to move my business idea forward
  9. When you have consistent traffic flowing to your website, that turns into sales and multiplies going forward. Some entrepreneurs move on to building up their other free websites when this happens.
  10. You are always seeing tips from other Wealthy Affiliate members which will save you time on your own journey
  11. Domain contact details are protected at no extra charge
  12. Among the dozens of features included is a Mobile complaint theme since a lot of people use their smartphones instead of computer; fast loading site; and, SSL (HTTPS) so that your prospective clients know the site is secure
  13. No a la carte. It’s more like a buffet: You get everything you need all-inclusive as you may be competing with established companies. Wealthy Affiliate ensures you have an equal playing field.
  14. You don’t need to wait long to publish or transfer over your content (especially if you have pre-existing content) as your website is created in 30 seconds.
  15. Online business university or academy training that takes you from the baby steps all the way through to the finishing steps to create passive income
  16. You get to see and test how to make money online free, no credit card required until after a 7-day trial, then you register for a month for a deeply discounted $19 for everything from hosting, to training, to websites, live training, chats, and so on. Claim your free trial now.

Wealthy Affiliate cons:

  1. You can easily get sidetracked reading the many contributions by the community as they are inspiring and provide good experiential advice. But, at some point, you need to get back to work
  2. To make money fast online now, you have to put in the effort to ultimately be able to make money fast and easy in the future
  3. The website is supposed to be created in 30 seconds. Yes, it is and you can even publish a pre-written document immediately. But, keep in mind you will spend time creating, proofreading, and inputting your content. Even though templates speed it up, you don’t feel done until you can press the ‘publish button.

For Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to control your destiny, reclaim your time and uncap your earnings, Wealthy Affiliate is for you:

College students for example. Or they want to know how to make money online as a university student and are ready to review available online side jobs.

→ Others who have impediments to making money – disabled veterans

→ People who are looking into individual career development to enhance their earning power

→ People who got a temporary layoff letter and are ready to control their financial destiny

Laid-off employees tired of career uncertainty

Those researching how to file for unemployment benefits, or about to file unemployment benefits

Those finding that even the maximum unemployment benefits are insufficient

Those requesting extension of unemployment benefits

Some already applying for unemployment benefits or requesting extended unemployment benefits

Families or patients looking for financial help – hospital bills due

Someone with an outstanding hospital/medical bill

Anyone trying to find low-income apartments

Low-income households looking for low income based apartments or low-income houses – rent more bearable

People in high salary jobs looking to build wealth, or for a step-down plan

People find that their talent is not enough to keep up with their expenses

People realizing about minimum wage – not enough

People fed up with the federal minimum wage rate, and who have given up on minimum wage laws changing in time to benefit them

Those looking at how to make a passive income from home, passive income online, or to start a passive income business

Those looking for residual income at home; to earn residual income online; to get into residual income investments; to find sources of residual income or to set up a residual income business opportunity for making residual income

Those retirees facing limitations in baby boomer retirement activities due to financial constraints

Also, where are baby boomers retiring to, and is their baby boomer retirement savings sufficient for long-term sustenance in certain baby boomers retirement communities?

Based on baby boomers retiring statistics baby boomers retirement planning may not be adequate for longer life expectancy

Older workers not want to fight ageism stereotypes and are seeking companies that hire older workers

Older workers who are considering returnship opportunities, sifting through returnships, jobs, or employment agencies to find the best jobs

Older workers sharing job search tips; older workers looking for employment assistance;

Older workers seeking online job opportunities from companies that in addition to hiring older workers for their older worker programs will also be training older workers looking to contribute experience and wisdom

Caregivers searching for caregiver financial assistance, family caregiver grants, caregivers home care or just asking ‘do caregivers get paid?’

People getting cash advance – no credit checks

People getting cash advance loans – no credit check

Those planning to borrow against their pay and checking a cash advance calculator for what to expect with payday cash advances and cash advance loans online

People reviewing all their financials – needed business plan

The individual who is saying ‘I need financial help now’ and still willing to start the necessary steps for how to get out of financial debt

Without-borders families and individuals looking for how to work from anywhere in the world

If you are wanting the freedom to work from anywhere and looking for jobs that allow you to work anywhere

The well-traveled collector looking for online jobs to work anywhere

Vacationers in the process of reassessing their financial needs

Homeowners looking for the fastest way to pay of mortgage; or investors looking for the best way to pay off a mortgage early

People looking for bad credit debt consolidation loans or best debt consolidation companies and need an alternate way – make additional income

People who have listed their foreclosed home for sale and looking for financial recovery services for a new start

Fed up workers who are saying, ‘I hate my job’, ‘I hate my boss’, even ‘I really hate my job’ and asking ‘should I leave my job’ who want better control of what they do, how they use their time and how they are compensated

Those who already quit a job

If you are quitting a job you hate

If you want to know how to properly quit your job

If you already quit your job without another job

Fed up employees who are fed up working low wages, wanting new skill ideas, and are willing – learn new skills

Unskilled laborers looking for jobs – unskilled workers

People including union office workers looking for other office worker jobs and information about the type of office workers’ compensation available

People who are hoping to cheat the lottery, dreaming of winning the lottery, or even those who have won the lottery and lost it all

People researching computer jobs in demand for a specific stay at home computer jobs including entry-level computer jobs, freelance computer jobs, and any other computer job

People looking for computer programming; beginners computer programming tutorial; computer programming job; computer programming basics; computer programming training and many other online computer programming training courses to increase future employment prospects or best self-employment options

People looking to make money online – eBays sellers, Etsy selling

People willing to do online survey work, online – surveys, online – survey jobs,  online – surveys for money, or make money – online surveys

People waiting to get back to work as they watch the coronavirus last updates

Travelers watching the coronavirus latest news updates also referred to as Covid 19 update news

Casualties of companies going out of business

People from large companies have failed, even some successful companies that have failed too. These people may be looking for products from these big companies that have failed

Employees expecting take over of company ownership

Increase in female life expectancy, and also life expectancy in males

Those looking for affiliate marketing secrets

Successful people sharing affiliate marketing secrets

Those in back to work programs

Entrepreneurs returning online to create  long term sustainable business performance through affiliate marketing

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Una Wjtera

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  1. AnneAnne

    This has been a real game changer for me. It’s my #1 Go To source for training, information and community interaction. The active community here has taken my sites from nothing to ranking in record time. Highly recommend it.

    • Thank you Anne,

      That is one of the key benefits I tirelessly share with my visitors. The training for for all levels of online business entrepreneurship is plentiful and produces the results that folks are looking for: Both you and your business grow.


  2. ChrisChris

    The 7 day free trial is a great way to get a look at all the resources available. Once I tried it, I definitely wanted to stick around. There is a ton of training and resources here, and the community is always willing to help when needed. It’s one of the best ways to learn affiliate marketing!

    • Hi Chris,

      Definitely. The training is all inclusive. No better way than for ongoing self development while managing your online business.


  3. Eric CantuEric Cantu

    A lot of people ask about the “Website up in 30 seconds“… How do you reply to that? Do you find it difficult to convince someone who’s never built one before that it can be done?

    • Hi Eric,

      Keep in mind that you can build the website for free without any credit card. Do check it out for yourself.

      The idea is to have you customizing your theme and inputting your content without being distracted with the mechanics of creating a website. That part is done for you in 34 seconds.


  4. Elise CainElise Cain

    I loved testing out my website for free! This allowed me to see firsthand what I could accomplish, and since i’ve started – I haven’t left. This is truly amazing and gives me what I need to help maintain a successful online business!

  5. This is an amazing offer. No-brainer. I mean with these tools included and for such a low price. How does it work with recurring payments? When someone will buy the discounted rate at $299, will go back to the original one ($459) or would it stay at the lower one? Thanks in advance

    • adminadmin

      Hi Julius,

      I’m glad you are able to see that the pre-inflation price offer is honestly “amazing.” What’s even more — it’s locked in. As well, you never have to feel overlooked when the company offers juicy deals down the road to new customers. You are always first and treated with the highest appreciation for your loyalty.

      That you are thinking of recurring payments tells me you are serious about winning online with all the growing opportunities the package will provide you.


      “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

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